Interview for the Métiers Rares collective


Transcription of the interview with Manuela from Collectif FRMR.

Meeting with Frédéric Lesellier, Craftsman, Leatherworker and Woman Bootmaker

Within our small collective of passionate creators is a creator who is dear to us. Fredéric Lesellier , with his masterful hands, transforms the material into luxurious and refined creations. Craftsman, leather goods maker and women's shoemaker, the pieces he offers are handcrafted in his workshop located in Nice with noble materials.

Frédéric, tell us everything!

How did you come to make your creations? What is your story ?

When I created the Frédéric Lesellier brand in 2016, I wanted above all to offer myself the possibility of realizing a childhood dream, to work with my hands to make the world more beautiful.

I have always been attracted by curves and colors.

Since I was 15, I've been scribbling heels, silhouettes, I've been interested in materials, I've moreover fallen in love with leather...A vibrant, warm and very sensory material...

Have you taken any training?

After a classic course in design and training in the shoe and leather goods trades, I had the opportunity to carry out numerous internships and various professional experiences in high-end manufacturing workshops.

Despite great experiences that have strongly formed and enriched me, I wanted above all to share my creations, so I took the risk of launching myself and creating my eponymous brand.

Tell us more about your inspirations?

I draw my inspiration from different artistic and architectural movements, from the music I listen to and the cinema that I greatly appreciate; I transcribe in my pieces the feelings and emotions that I experience when faced with the works of my time.

Always drawn to strong, powerful and charismatic female characters; I offer today's women products that sublimate them on a daily basis.

What do you like most about your job?

Horribly difficult question!!! There are too many things!! As you can imagine, several things I like about my job.

On the one hand, the autonomy and the freedom of creation, but also the concretization of my drawings in prototypes. On the other hand, perfecting my prototypes into exceptional pieces because I love the idea of ​​bringing so much care and attention to my work.

But there is also all the research or the manufacturing work in general... the relationship to the material... Patronage, cutting, assembly, pampering... so many things...

However, if I had to choose only one, I would gladly say, the last moment.

When the creation is finished and my client is satisfied with it.

Then comes this moment... That of the packaging...

I meticulously fold sheets of tissue paper, which I place in a black box with a magnetic closure, then I delicately place the bag on top, I fold the tissue paper and insert a small totebag, stamped with my logo.

I add a small card to the package, on which I always write a little word, a thought, a quote or a little nonsense. I really pay attention to detail and a job well done.

This is what I want to share with the public and the people who trust me.

What is the most beautiful piece you have made to date?

I would say without hesitation the Letter Nano (photo attached).

This classic creation in appearance is in fact a monster of artisanal technique, its Mexican assembly and its asymmetry make it an original bag all the same.

I like this creation, but I especially like its course. After 18 months of work, around twenty prototypes, I first marketed it as a Letter Bag. This part requires 3 days of work and by dint of perfection, the Nano version was born. More accomplished, with clean, precise and perfect lines, a new metal clasp, engraved with the name of the brand...

I feel this piece with a lot of happiness and I really believe that the pastel colors of summer will make it a must.

What advice would you give to budding young creators?

Do not dream your life, live your dreams. With perseverance and rigor, provide work that meets your ambitions.